Building Bridges between cultures

Where: Sentralen, Øvre Slottsgate,  Oslo,

When: 6. September at 17:30.

Building Bridges Across Cultures is an event to introduce you to businesses, organisations, methods, tools, and techniques to help you better understand other cultures and succeed in related areas such as: cross-cultural business, teamwork, and negotiations as well as a better understanding of Norway, integration into Norwegian society, and improved career opportunities in Norway. The presenters have a variety of experience in the intercultural field and each presentation shares a unique perspective of the field.

Speakers and topics:

  • Bjørn Z Ekelund: Diversity Icebreaker - cross-cultural application
  • Dimitrios Polychronopoulos: SIETAR Europa
  • Alicia Partee introduces Global Counseling Solutions
  • Agnes Bamford and Dimitrios Polychronopoulos introduce diversophy® Norway
  • Marit Imeland Gisme: Team Building with the Lewis model
  • Piotr Pluta: Diversity Icebreaker ®, a case with Polish workers in a Norwegian company

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Magma June 2018

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SIETAR UK event: Learn about Black Panther video clips & Norwegian cultural codes

Where:  Norwegian YWCA,  52 Holland Park, London, W11 3RS.

When: 17. September, 6:15pm – 21:00pm.

Jane Adu will present results from her MSc dissertation on using Black Panther video clips in training sessions followed by an interactive game session.  We will launch diversophy® Norway via an interactive session facilitated by co-author of diversophy® Norway, Agnes Bamford. diversophy® is an award–winning intercultural card-game  that  improves learners’ cultural awareness.

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