The Team

Agnes Bamford Consultancy (ABC) works collaboratively across cultures with other professionals who have complementary skills and experience. This includes recruitment professionals, executive coaches, group facilitators, industry sector specialists, diversity and local country experts,

Agnes Bamford


I was born and grew up in Norway, have lived in South Africa and  long-term in the UK.

I started my career in the corporate world and have been an independent consultant since 2007, working on assignments and projects in countries across Europe. I regularly work as an associate for global relocation and leadership companies as well as directly with clients.  I am also engaged as a speaker and guest lecturer on intercultural communication.

I have been a Board Member for the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce since 2013.

I am also a board member for the the UK Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR).

I would characterise myself as an 'eternal student', always keen to learn from life and books and people.
I completed an MA in Intercultural Communication in May 2018. I also hold  a PGCE in Business Coaching, a BSc in Comparative Politics from Norway, an MSc in Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), a conversion diploma in Psychology and am a qualified UK teacher.